Structural Policy

The Policy Area

The ministry conducts analyses which form the basis for policy development and structural policy reforms. The analyses deal with topics such as the labor market, taxes, education, growth and energy and are often carried out in close cooperation with other ministries.

The ministry holds the responsibility to develop and maintain the law model. The law model is a micro-data based system of microsimulation models. It is used by several ministries to calculate the effects on revenue and behavior from changes in a wide range of legislative areas for example income taxation and public transfers. Based on the law model the ministry publishes Fordeling og Incitamenter. The overall objective of the publication is to analyze the evolution of the income distribution and the economic incentives to obtain employment.

The structural political area also includes analyses on current issues regarding tax, labor and education in the series Økonomisk Analyse. In addition, the ministry is responsible for the government’s National Reform Programme.